Radon, a decay product of radium, is a radioactive, odorless and colorless gas that occurs naturally in the ground below us and slowly is pulled up into our homes and other places. Because of its characteristics of not being detected, it is a serious health hazard, and the effects of radon take years to develop and get detected and is therefore, considered as a silent killer. Studies have revealed that it is the second largest cause of lung cancers in the United States along with other health concerns.

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It is therefore, is very important that every dwelling should be tested for increased levels of Radon. Radon Testing Milwaukee are experts that set up radon gas detector at the lowest level in the building and readings are taken for study to determine the level of the gas. The report also includes recommendations for effective lessening of radon if the test reading reveals high or dangerous levels of the gas.

Radon Testing Milwaukee experts suggest radon mitigation system to get rid of radon and for the most effective results and the process involves the following measured steps:-

  • Firstly, expert technicians study the exterior and interior of the place to locate the most effective place to configure and install the mitigation system.
  • A second round of testing is done to determine the results and outcome of the system to pull out radon.
  • In case, if required exhaust and sump pump is fitted in the radon mitigation process.
  • In the next step, in order to divert the radon gas into the mitigation system, radon channels are drilled.
  • Finally, the gas is safely vent out into the atmosphere.
  • Radon is the densest gas, and remains as a gas in the atmosphere. Carved walls and crawl spaces are ideal places for radon to gather. Radon Testing Milwaukee takes efforts to seal these crawl spaces and vents them into the mitigation system.

The process of installation of the radon mitigation system is accomplished within a couple of hours of timespan. Follow up tests are conducted on regular intervals to keep check on the radon levels and proper functioning of the mitigation system.

Benefits of Radon Testing

There are proven positive side effects of the radon mitigation system by Radon Testing Milwaukee. These benefits are derived from the vacuum suction process of the system. Apart from radon, the mitigation system pulls out gallons of moisture from under the place thus making the air at the basements dryer, thus stop development of bacterial growth. Dry atmosphere also removes the musty smell found in the basements. People with breathing problems and allergies also get benefitted of the same. This way you can save yourself from the health risk.

Radon Testing Milwaukee

Since, radon is an odorless and colorless gas, the removal cannot be identified or measured until tested. Radon Testing Milwaukee keeps you posted on the levels from time to time. Many people who have taken their expert consult have reported considerable improvement in their air qualities and improved atmosphere.