Tropical cyclone forms across Atelic Ocean, due to this hurricane activity hits every year during the summer season. Some storms cause loses of million dolor wealth of goods, property and sometimes even lost life’s when they hit the coastal area nearby ocean. It is owner’s main responsibility to protect inventory of premises that may include finish goods, raw materials, hardware assets and software data.

Nowadays, using mobile apps, one can easily maintain checklist of all inventory, then it has been done in past. And this can also speed up claims significantly after storms. Businesses are starting to prioritize emergency response planning and when weather forecast department predict hurricane and tropical storms, an emergency plan should be implemented immediately. Protecting people, goods and inventory is first priority of company after that anything else will come. Following are some solutions offered by the market and successfully implemented by industries to protect their inventory:-

• On-site Temporary Structure
• Portable Warehouses
• Temporary Fabric Buildings

To begin with, on site temporary structure are short term onsite solutions that are available to save inventory from damage caused by storm. Many in-dustries offer client these on site temporary custom structure to purchase or for lease. Main advantage of this structure is that client does not need to lease a warehouse miles away from job sites, client can easily install them on site and eliminates cost of transportation and security concern of inventory associated with offsite faculties. It provides free maintenance; no regular maintenance is required once the structure is installed. Some companies also offers back up plans with these on site temporary structure. If anyone going to purchase a conventional building it would be long term depreciable and taxable asset, however leasing a temporary structure is write off expense.

The second solution to the protect inventory is Portable warehouses. Many industries start investing in portable warehouses to keep their materials such as raw materials, finished goods safe during hurricanes. Portable warehouses are fabric buildings that independent of interior poles or guy-wires. So these have wide, unobstructed, and spacious interiors that are easy to move another place as well. Some of the other benefits of the portable warehouse are durability, weather protection and less expensive than traditional buildings made of metal or wood, and they can also help to save high electricity bills.

Temporary fabric buildings are an excellent solution for many inventory related businesses. These are also portable buildings that enable business to make investments in mobile buildings. This building based on modular framing system that can be disassembled, set up and expanded by staff those has no previous experience. Industries offer installation guide and phone or email support to make this process easier. And first time construction is also provide by company. Some industries also offer mobility kits a crane lifting package and rails that ensure movement of temporary fabric building as a whole units. Addition to these benefits, fabric buildings offer many other benefits. For example, they are durable, spacious, and customizable.